Val Thorens





John's American Restaurant

Welcome to Johns American Restaurant, the danish
owned TEX-MEX restaurant in Val Thorens.

We serve Val Thorens' best home-made burgers, barbecue,
spareribs, steaks, mexican fajitas, nachos and much more.

See you there!

Have a look at our tasty menu!

Tortilla chips with hot mexican salsa 7,00
Tortilla chips with homemade guacamole 8,00
Garlic bread 4,50
Garlic bread with cheese 5,50
Garlic bread with cheese & jalapenos 6,00
Onion rings with garlic dressing 8,50
Deep fried jalapeno poppers with cheddar 8,50
Thai nems (spring rolls) with salad and dip 9,50
Nachos 10,50
Chicken nachos 11.50
BBQ chicken wings 9,50
Mixed starters (2 garlic bread, 6 onion rings, 4 jalapeno poppers, 4 Thai nems) 18,50

LARGE SALADS served with bread and dressing
Veggie salad 13,00
Spicy chicken salad 15,50
Tuna salad 16,00
Prawn salad 18,00

STEAKS served with mixed salad, fries and sauce
Filet de boeuf 28,00
Double filet de boeuf 34,00
Triple filet de boeuf 43,00

HAMBURGERS served with fries
Veggie burger 14,50
Classic burger 14,50
Cheese burger 16,00
Bacon cheese burger 17,50
BBQ burger 16,00
Chili burger 16,50
John’s favourite burger (cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, jalapenos, pineapple) 19,00
Spicy chicken burger 16,00
Spicy chicken, bacon & cheese burger 17,50
XXL burger - 440 g of minced meat, extra cheese, extra bacon 24,00
Triple-X burger - 660 g of minced meat, extra cheese, extra bacon 29,00

Beef fajitas 20,00
Chicken fajitas 20,00
Prawn fajitas 22,95
Mixed chicken and beef fajitas 21,00
Veggie fajitas 19,50
Chicken Chimichanga 21,00
Beef Chimichanga 21,00
Mixed chicken and beef Chimichanga 21,00

BBQ SPARE RIBS AND CHICKEN WINGS served with mixed salad and Buffalo potatoes
BBQ Ribs - 500 g 23,00
BBQ Chicken wings - 500 g 23,00
Half and half - BBQ Spare ribs and Chicken wings 24,00

Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light or Orangina (1.5 litres) 6,00 EUR. Bottle of Corona Beer 6,50 EUR All deliveries are FREE

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